Maybe Hillary Clinton Reads My Blog

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I see changes in peoples’ appearances when they stop eating manufactured calories.  This week I thought I’d share what I see, before and after.

A few months ago, at her wedding, Chelsea Clinton looked truly radiant, in precisely the way I would wish for every bride.  Her father, Bill, looked great, too, fresh off a 15-pound weight loss courtesy of his daughter’s vegan diet, to which I’ve heard he’d agreed for the sake of the coronary artery disease that he’s working to reverse.  Hillary?  No bashing here — she simply had the look of an individual with high insulin levels

Here’s what I see on the faces of most people who eat the standard American diet:  Large deposits of fat under the cheek bones (buccal fat pads).  Mild swelling around the eye, especially under the eyebrows (periorbital edema).  Thickened skin with slightly enlarged pores and a doughy appearance.  Fat deposits under the jaw, well known as a “double chin.”  And a faint yellowish cast to the skin.

You can see these features on the faces of lots of celebrities who had them once and then lost them.  Google images of Al Roker, Jennifer Hudson, Roseann Barr (plus plastic surgery), or Maya Angelou for starters.  All of them were once obese and hyperinsulinemic (high blood insulin levels), and then, with hard work, they were not.  One thing you can see right away is that the most prominent improvements don’t require plastic surgery.

Last week, I happened to see a photograph of Hillary Clinton testifying before Congress, and I knew that she had, at last, joined the
ranks of “real food” eaters.  It was inevitable; for the most part, people eat like the rest of their family.  Hillary’s puffy cheeks are gone, the swelling above her eyes is gone, the yellowish cast has been replaced by pink, and her skin looks more elastic and resilient.  Don’t be fooled by the shiners — those are often caused by allergies, or fatigue.  Her double chin is gone, too. 

Is it ever normal to look puffy and round with big, fat, red cheeks?  Yes, because there is a time in life when it is normal to have high insulin levels.  In the earliest weeks and months of life, we grow very fast.  We are working to store calories as quickly as we can.  That’s why babies have fat cheeks.  They are in a high-insulin state. 

I like to imagine that Hillary’s family got her to realize that her health is on her face.  I’ve heard that she wants to be a grandmother.  So you might say that she has skin in the game.  

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