Many thanks to Nancy and Bob Charles from High Meadow B&B in Wallingford, Connecticut, for this wonderful recipe!

First, cut a couple of sweet potatoes into thick slices and toss them with some salt and olive oil. Lay the slices on a cookie sheet and bake at 400 until soft.  Then slide them, one layer thick, into a wide pottery serving dish and set aside.
Now poach a few eggs.  Bob has one of those fancy poacher inserts that fits into a pot of boiling water.  I just crack the eggs into salted, boiling water and hope for the best.  As soon as the whites are cooked, with yolks just beginning to set and a bit on the runny side, scoop out the eggs onto the sweet potatoes and serve.  So good!
If you decide to serve this dish to guests, as Nancy and Bob did, you can serve the eggs and sweet potatoes with fresh papaya, homemade strawberry and ginger jam, and home- baked bread.  Yum!!!


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