YOUR HEALTHY PLATE: Randi’s Sunshine Salad

Just spoke with my dear friend Randi from New York.  She and her husband Larry keep a fantastic garden in which they plant all kinds of specialty veggies.  Randi’s an amazing and creative cook, and if you don’t believe me yet, just take a look at this little gem that she whipped up:

6 zebra (or red) beets 
the fruit from 4 mandarin oranges (or 1 small can)
4 oz. goat cheese
1/2 cup walnuts
3 T. orange-balsamic vinegar (from Trader Joe’s)
Roast or grill the beets, and mix with the oranges and vinegar.  Spread out the beets and oranges on a plate, and place the walnuts and goat cheese on top.  Serves 4-6.
Randi says that if you can’t get the special vinegar from Trader Joe’s, you can just squeeze the juice of half an orange into 2 tablespoons of regular or white balsamic vinegar. 

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