#Mindfulness in the Moment

I’ve been compiling examples of mindfulness. Some of these are mine, some are from friends (Slow Breath Soft Heart), some from family. One is a gift from our beloved 12-year-old chocolate labrador retriever, though truthfully it was more a demonstration.

Being present.

Being in the moment without judgment.

Sitting on the bank of your life and watching the minutes drift by.

Stopping the chatter.

Clearing your mind of all the #detritus.

Thinking about your rib cage expanding and contracting.

Feeling the breath move in and out of your nose.

Not being impulsive. Taking the time to think about stuff before you act.

Noticing your thoughts and feelings and not identifying with or acting on them.

Being a #dog.

The rarefied air of nowhere.

Sitting in a space and taking in everything that’s going on.

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