Your Health is in You

We all could take better care of ourselves. There are any number of reasons but, ultimately, it’s always because we don’t have time. Or at least that’s what we say. Time, the ultimate resource, is limited. You can’t make any more than you get, and you get just twenty-four hours a day, the same as everyone.

You know, there isn’t a long line of folks out there who’ve got YOUR health and happiness at the top of their priority list. You are it. No one else. But there is some very hopeful news to share.

First, you don’t have to do it perfectly, just better. And secondly, with a little creative problem solving, there is an excellent chance that you can figure out how to tuck some of it into things you already do. 

Like squeezing out a Kegel every time your phone rings (good for men AND women, btw).

Buying more fresh vegetables when you go food shopping.

Dancing with your children after dinner for a minute.

Doing the twist while you wait for the microwave.

Closing your eyes and taking a deep breath before you get up, or drive home, or reply.

Being the parent you, yourself, need.

“In the beginning, and in the end, you are the only one who can give your family a happy mother who loves her life.”*

*Endless thanks to my friend, Melissa, whose own happy version of this final statement inspired mine.

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