Checkout Line Zen II

Today is a good day for thinking about mindfulness.  This sweet little #mindfulness tip comes courtesy of my friend Diane, who works as a pediatrician. She is patience personified.

Here’s what she told me a couple of weeks ago:

When she’s finished with her grocery shopping, and she’s ready to get into the checkout line at the grocery store, she looks for the LONGEST line. Not the shortest, but the longest! I was astonished. The LONGEST, did you say?! Yes, indeed, she did.

But why?, I asked.

Because, she said, it’s structured relaxation time. She uses the carved out moments to practice patience, to appreciate her grocery cart full of food and her ability to feed her family. She appreciates the now.

Have you ever heard of such a thing?! Until now, I had not. Talk about a frame shift. It’s intriguing to consider what a difference your choice of supermarket line could make. Frankly, it’s intriguing to consider what a difference so many of our choices make.

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