2016 Memorial Day Menu

Company’s coming! and I thought it might be nice to share the menu. 🙂

My friends and family inspire me so much every day, and I am grateful beyond words. Chief-cook-and-bottle-washer is making a trip to the grocery store today to gather the necessary provisions. Judith, a fine cook if ever there was one, is bringing her extremely fine baked beans. Lori has a tomato-watermelon salad (feta optional). And there is more, much more. We will raise a toast to the magnificent new garden envisioned and then built by the team of T&J. The new bride and groom will be here. And my parents will celebrate their 60th, yes, sixtieth(!), wedding anniversary. They were actually married (in the middle of the week) on May 30th, 1956, in the years before Memorial Day was moved to Mondays!

We will share food and drink, we will celebrate the start of summer, and and we will thank our lucky stars and stripes. And now, if you please, the MENU:

Parsley-tahini salad
Red cabbage and avocado slaw
Baked beans (by Judith)
Quinoa tabouli (parsley, mint, scallions, grape tomatoes and roasted almonds)
Potato salad
Tomato-watermelon salad (by Lori)
Chicken on the grill
Fresh strawberries with stewed rhubarb (homegrown!) 

Plus gin & tonics, apple cider, beer and wine! Bon appetit! Enjoy the day!

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