Nutrition or Entertainment?

A friend of mine says that ultraprocessed items don’t nourish, but rather they entertain. A few weeks ago I saw a commercial for Lay’s Potato Chips whose tag line was “Good food for the fun of it.” That sure sounds like entertainment to me.

Happy meals. That sounds like entertainment, too. “Cheeri”-ohs?

Have you ever noticed how people measure Thin Mints in sleeves instead of cookies?, as in “I ate a sleeve of Thin Mints last night!” A box of doughnuts. A bucket of soda. Real food is generally not measured (or eaten) in sleeves or buckets.

Entertainment doesn’t satisfy your body and soul, so you find yourself wanting more, more, more. Your body knows the difference between entertainment and nutrition. If you can’t stop eating it, it’s entertainment.

I like going to the movies just like anybody. But I don’t want to live at the movie theater.


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