When My Friend Bob Turned His Health Around

A while ago, I ran into my old friend Bob, and I was delighted to see a much slimmer, trimmer, happier-looking guy than I had seen the previous time. He and I had had a conversation about six months earlier, and I had suggested increasing the protein in his breakfast, and switching out the soda for unsweetened iced tea. That’s all. We hadn’t talked since.

Now I was looking at a proud, fit, healthy-looking man who looked like an athlete! I asked if he would be willing to share his methods. Of course, he said, and promptly sent the following list.

Remember that these aren’t exactly my recommendations; they’re Bob’s interpretation of my recommendations. In other words, they are what worked for him, and that’s what counts. He called it a “loose adaptation” of my food guidelines. There is some great stuff in here, and some very special pearls besides, which are italicized for you. Here, with Bob’s permission, and in his own words, is the approach he used to turn his life around:

  1. “I no longer use anything artificial in my coffee – only raw sugar or honey. No artificial, flavored creamers – only real half-n-half or milk.
  2. I’ve significantly cut back on bread and pasta. and I am certainly much more conscious about other sweet carbs (cookies, brownies, cake, although I have not deprived myself).
  3. I’ve replaced my office snacks (used to be Little Debbie’s snack cakes) with almonds, peanuts, and cashews, and apples or baby bell cheese. Only occasionally do I have food cravings anymore. I realized a couple of weeks ago that I have really been addicted to carbs for most of my life.  
  4. Although I still do not eat breakfast regularly, when I do it is fruit, yogurt, or eggs. I will occasionally have a “healthy” muffin from Whole Foods, but rarely do I do bagels anymore. Also, I graze a lot more, and usually only have one or two meals a day. I eat only when I am feeling hungry, and I frequently will try to have a glass of water first, to see if I am just thirsty.
  5. I have cut back significantly on diet Coke.  I still do drink it once or twice a week, but not daily.”
  6. Over the last 6 weeks, I have been going to yoga 2-4 times a week, and I have also been adding in at least one or two sessions/week (30-45 min each time) of cardio – usually the stationary bike since I’ve had back pain in the past, and some minor core and upper body strength training”
  7. “Six months ago I weighed 235 lbs. Today I weigh 209 lbs, and I was able to play 2 hours of basketball with my son and his friends. And, my blood pressure is now in the normal range.”

Is it any wonder that Bob feels better?

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