Practice Makes Progress

Let’s lose the never-enough mindset.

It’s okay if you don’t walk as far as you wish you had.
It’s okay if you don’t stretch for as long as you wish you had.
It’s okay if you ate a bag of chips all by yourself last night.
It’s okay if you didn’t keep a promise you made to yourself.

You tried. And that is always good enough for me.

Practice makes progress; perfection is the enemy of progress. Here’s how perfection works: You get yourself to the gym every single day for 6 days, or 6 weeks, or 6 months. Like a machine. Every single day. Then something happens. A very nasty cold. A sprained ankle. A root canal. Shingles. Or even something good, like a vacation, or a new puppy. And it’s over. You just cannot get yourself back on track. 

To me, perfection works very well from 7 o’clock on Monday morning, when you start your new diet, until about 3:30 that afternoon, when you down an entire sleeve of Thin Mint Cookies. That’s how perfection works.

People aren’t like machines. You can’t just dial in how you want to be, or what you want to weigh every day. But you do get to dial in hundreds of things every single day that point you in the right direction.

What you weigh is not who you are. What you weigh is actually a reflection of the accumulation of many small choices that you make on a daily basis. I’m on a one-woman mission to change the way we talk about what we weigh. I don’t want to say “I weigh xxx pounds.” I want people to say “I reflect xxx pounds.” Because what you weigh is a reflection of hundreds, even thousands, of small decisions that you make each and every day. And if you do just half of them better than you used to, even just a little bit better, then pretty soon you’ll find that your pants fit better. That’s what it’s all about, and it’s good enough for me. 

Enough is enough for me. The best you can do is good enough. Tomorrow is another day.

3 thoughts on “Practice Makes Progress

  1. Your posts (and recipes) are so insightful. I look forward to reading more and catching up on prior posts. Thank you!

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