YOUR HEALTHY PLATE: Sweet Potato & Chickpea Soup

This post will be the third and final of YHIOYP’s one-pot Back to Life recipe series (see the prior two blog posts here and here). This time, I’m back to my old standby, my trusty crockpot, from which so many wonderful meals have come, and I’ve decided to make my own version of Gypsy Soup, originally from Mollie Katzen, the author of the famous Moosewood Cookbook. Through the years I have made so many recipes from that cookbook that it is now ancient and falling apart, even despite having been taped together with leopard-spot-pattern tape somewhere along the way). Continue reading

YOUR HEALTHY PLATE: Some Moro Bean Soup, please!

Okay, the holidays are over. It’s January. It’s snowing. It will be this way for a while. To quote Helen Hunt in As Good As It Gets, after she has just closed the door on Jack Nicholson’s inappropriate visit, “Okay, back to life.” Here’s a recipe that may help with that. Continue reading

YOUR HEALTHY PLATE: Anya’s Salmon Soup

I’ve been waiting till now to share Anya’s salmon soup recipe, a perfect choice for this time of year! It’s exactly the right color for all the festivities, not to mention that it’s a wonderful addition to a fish-filled menu for my many friends whose holiday celebrations include such a custom. Continue reading

YOUR HEALTHY PLATE: Roasted Carrot & Fennel Soup

Please meet one of my favorite new food writers, Jessica Fechtor, who writes on her blog Sweet Amandine and whose first book, Stir, reached the NYTimes bestseller list in recent weeks! What a grand success for a newly published author! Yes, I read it and, yes, it was wonderful! Stir, by the way, is not just about food. It’s about how finding her way around the kitchen was how Jessica found her way back to living after a brain aneurysm and its aftermath left her overwhelmed and unsure of absolutely everything.   Continue reading

YOUR HEALTHY PLATE: Zucchini & Dill Soup

This is such a good project for the abundance of zucchini in your friends’, neighbors’ and coworkers’ gardens! You can make the soup now, with fresh zucchini, or you can make it in a few more months with frozen zucchini. Then again you can make soup now, and freeze that instead of raw cubes of zucchini. If you use frozen zucchini, remember to saute it a little bit longer. Continue reading

YOUR HEALTHY PLATE: Best Gazpacho I’ve Ever Made

August means it’s –YES — gazpacho time! I think of gazpacho as soup and salad, both at the same time. Chief Cook-and-Bottle-Washer brought home a tray of golden, acid-free tomatoes last Friday, and (I admit it) I had my coveting eye on them from the minute they entered the house. We ate a few on Friday night, and more on Saturday. Couldn’t resist, so I swooped in on Sunday morning to pulverize the rest! Chief C&BW said it was okay, he would go buy more. Thank you, Chief. Continue reading

YOUR HEALTHY PLATE: The Best Broccoli Soup

Recently I discovered three large stalks of broccoli in the refrigerator, and one of them was starting to turn a bit yellow at the tips of the buds. Time to swing into action, unless I wanted those beautiful stalks to end up in the coop. And I did not! Continue reading

YOUR HEALTHY PLATE: Quinoa, Squash and Bean Soup

Here’s a great, simple recipe from my friend’s friend’s daughter-in-law. We’re practically family! Check out Marci’s blog at You can say that YHIOYP sent you.

P.S. Note the regionalism in her blog title: that kind of talk is something you’ll hear only in Philadelphia and South Jersey. If you live in that part of the country, you would never say that you’re going to the beach. It’s “down the shore” for you! I have so many great memories of the Jersey shore, where the food is great and the living is easy. Continue reading

YOUR HEALTHY PLATE: Spicy Black Bean Soup

I’m trying to get you to eat more beans, in case you can’t tell. Peasant food, rustic. Old-fashioned. From the old country. Why did they eat so many beans? Beans are the only food on the planet that’s rich in both fiber and protein. This makes them very special, filling, nutritious. And inexpensive. So eat your beans! Thank you to Mark Bittman, and How to Cook Everything Fast, for the original version of this recipe. If you use canned beans, dinner can be ready in 15 minutes. Continue reading