YOUR HEALTHY PLATE: Homemade Pickles!

When I arrived home from work the other evening, what did I find in the kitchen but a few jars of beautiful green pickles! These came straight from my daughter’s kitchen garden, which has continued to supply a happy and endless bounty of gorgeous, crunchy, green cucumbers over the past few weeks. If you would like to make these pickles but you don’t happen to have your own homegrown supply, just stop by the supermarket and pick up a package or two of small pickling cucumbers. You will be so glad you did! Continue reading

YOUR HEALTHY PLATE: Spicy Pink Sauerkraut

A few months ago I set up a green cabbage to ferment, and that’s exactly what happened! Tonight is the night that it’s going to be set free from its crock, spread over the bottom of a large Dutch oven, covered with turkey sausages, and made into yum! I’ll probably add some roasted potatoes on the side. Continue reading