YOUR HEALTHY PLATE: Zucchini with Cilantro Pesto

Thank you to Terry Walters and Clean Start for this beautiful, inspired recipe. It’s the kind of recipe many of whose ingredients, or at least some, may already be on your counter, and it’s got all kinds of valuable substitution possibilities that can keep you experimenting for a good long while. Continue reading

YOUR HEALTHY PLATE: Raspberry-Coconut Popsicles

These popsicles are just what I need — the perfect antidote to 88 degrees and 100% humidity. In June.

Note that you have to plan ahead, so don’t try to make these an hour before the party. Although it will take only around 20 minutes to put together the popsicles, you’ll need about 6 hours from start to finish after you add in all the freezer time. Continue reading

YOUR HEALTHY PLATE: Strawberry-Pecan Spinach Salad

The quintessential springtime salad! Can you just imagine this recipe’s tiny sweet strawberries bursting in your mouth? Soft, gently flavorful leaves of spinach, fresh from the ground? With a bit of bite from the onion and some satisfying give from the pecans? Thank you,, for the original version of this recipe.

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