YOUR HEALTHY PLATE: Stogie’s Belize Hot! Sauce

When I was a kid my parents had friends, Ted & Frieda, who grew hot peppers on their farm in Muncie, Indiana. When we stopped in Muncie for a visit, on our way across the country to the Twin Cities, Ted laid out an array of peppers on the kitchen counter. I tried every one. They were spectacular, and I was hooked. Forever after, he called me “Hot Pepper.” I’ve never met a hot sauce I didn’t like. Continue reading

YOUR HEALTHY PLATE: Spicy Pink Sauerkraut

A few months ago I set up a green cabbage to ferment, and that’s exactly what happened! Tonight is the night that it’s going to be set free from its crock, spread over the bottom of a large Dutch oven, covered with turkey sausages, and made into yum! I’ll probably add some roasted potatoes on the side. Continue reading