I got this recipe just today from a woman I work with.  I arrived home to find my daughter frying onions.  What’s for dinner? I asked.  I don’t know, she replied, this is as far as I’ve gotten.  

So here is what we made:

Step 1:  Fry 2 medium diced onions in olive oil in a soup pot
Step 2:  Peel 3 beets, 3 carrots, 2 sweet potatoes and 1 turnip
Step 3:  Cut the vegetables into several large chunks each, and add to the soup pot
Step 4:  Cover the vegetables with water, and boil 15 min until softened
Step 5:  Scoop out the vegetables into a food processor or Vitamix, and swirl until smooth.
Step 6:  Return the puree to the pot of liquid, add a teaspoon each of thyme, salt, and pepper.  
The soup was heavenly.  The color was divine and the flavor was a celebration of autumn, earthy and sweet at the same time.  I put a whole bunch of spices on the table for people to choose from, and they were terrific in all different combinations: turmeric, cumin, and hot paprika.  Rosemary would be good, too.
Hearty appetite!


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