The Most Popular Blog Posts of All

Gotta make this fast because my friend is coming over to garden with me today!

In honor of having reached (and now flown past!) the one-half-million-visit mile marker to Your Health is on Your Plate this past week, and in response to a number of recent requests for direction about where to go on the blog, and what to read first, I’ve compiled a list of the most popular blog posts of all.  They include recipes, food history, food chemistry, and a little bit about words.

Let’s make this crystal — mountain spring water — clear.  These are not necessarily my favorite blog posts (though I am somewhat fond of several), they’re yours!  These are the posts most visited by YOU, the reader, since I began blogging back in September 2009.

So enjoy, share with your friends and other people you love, and spread the word!  There is a world of difference between FOOD and manufactured calories.  Your pants will feel the difference, your body will know the difference, and your brain will thank you for the difference.  Sit back, relax, taste the flavor, enjoy your meals, and don’t forget to eat an ounce of dark chocolate every day.

Now then, this is a work in progress.  As you continue to vote with your keyboards, I’ll continue to keep an eye on where you go most, and share them with everyone.  Thank you again for all your support.

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