My Mom’s Best Aphorisms

Tomorrow my mom will turn 80! Can you imagine?! Eighty years! In honor of my mighty wise mom, and 80 years walking this wondrous planet, here are some of the marvelous things that she taught me.

Spend a lot of time outdoors.

Eat real food.

Keep a garden.

Grow your own food to the greatest extent possible. This extent, of course, is different for everyone.

Try not to let the weeds get ahead of you, but don’t worry if they do — just throw down newspaper.

Make a compost heap, even if it’s just a pile of vegetable peels outside the back door.

Junk food isn’t food; it’s junk.

Make soup, and put some beans in it.

When you make something with your own hands, it is more special. This goes for food as well as blankets.

Eat real butter, or don’t bother.

Don’t eat candy for breakfast, no matter what those folks from Battle Creek call it.

The constellation Cassiopeia is the one that looks like a W.

Once you can identify sassafras by its mitten-shaped leaves, you can dig up the roots to make tea.

Avoid processed food, unless the babysitter is already on her way.

Pay attention to the man behind the curtain, no matter what he says.

Don’t buy processed food, unless the seller is a child standing at the front door — right now.

Everything doesn’t have to match.

Eat unusual fruits, like pomegranates and persimmons, regularly.

Cut those unusual fruits into many slices, and share them around the dinner table for dessert.

Artichokes are also a very good choice for sharing around the table.

And last but not least, eat as many colors as possible. In short, eat the rainbow.

Happy 80th birthday, mom!

3 thoughts on “My Mom’s Best Aphorisms

  1. What lovely memories to have of your mother. I so hope my girls will have some of those very things to say about me! Words for us all to strive towards.

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