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  1. Hello Dr. Sukol, my name is Matt Curry of Chef Curry’s Cuisine, a personal chef in the Denver metro area. I’m currently reading Michael Ruhlman’s book Grocery – The buying and selling of food in America, in which you’re highly referenced.

    It’s SO amazing to have something I’ve been saying for a LONG time repeated by an expert(that cooking our own food will fix many of our health problems). Through this book, I’ve discovered your blog, and am extremely interested in finding out as much as I can from you.

    I’ve decided that my mission as a personal chef is to help people fall in love with food again. To this end, information from an expert such as yourself will be extremely helpful in my execution of this mission. What are some good places to start on your blog, for information on how to help people fall in love with food again?

    • Hi Matt,

      Thanks for your interest and for reading YHIOYP! What a wonderful question. Usually people ask where to start to learn how to eat better, not to love food. But I am certain, as I believe you are, that the key to nourishing ourselves is to love our food more. Feel free to scroll through, starting last November, when I took a break from blogs and began to post only recipes for a while, and go back through to see if any pop out. I will do the same soon, and will post ones that I think will fit the bill. In the meantime, picking great recipes is another good way to help people rediscover their taste buds and learn to love real food again. Be well, RBS

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